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Friday, June 4, 2010

Davao's Durian

Durian - "Smells like Hell, Tastes like Heaven"

Magsaysay Market in Davao City...

They have lots of Durian!

They can open it for you so you can eat it there...

There are different varities depending on your preference. The Thailand varieties of Chani and Mon Thong are for those who doesn't want the offensive smell, recommended for those who will be eating the exotic fruit for the first time. There are also local cultivars like Arancillo and Puyat which are sweet, as well as native varieties which have their own unique characteristics.

For people who doesn't want to eat the fruit in the market, there are also plastic containers and styro foams for frozen durian products. Tourists who will be travelling to far places and want to bring durian with them usually resort to this kind of packaging.

Camdy bars, jams, tarts, and many other products of
durian are also available in the market.

Many tourist actually go to Davao with the sole or primary purpose of eating durian. For people who likes durian, it would be a regret to go there without having a taste of durian. And if you haven't eaten durian yet, it's worth trying!


Ailee Verzosa said...

i have never eaten durian before... nice pictures though...

Tey said...

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tak said...

speaking of Davao's durian, there are popular durian product sellers such as Apo ni Lola Durian Delicacies and Lola Abon's.

it's really interesting to see what products they can cook up from the prickly, green fruit.

Marc said...

Anyone can tell me what the best time of the year for durian is in Davao?
Thanks in advance...

Zee said...

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