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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Coconut "tatus" Crab, Batanes, Philippines

The coconut crabs (Birgus latro) are also known as "tatus" in Batanes, Philippines. They are a popular delicacy in the locality because of its delicious taste. They are being cooked by boiling but sometimes they also use sauce and other seasonings. Unfortunately, it also high in cholesterol so it is not recommended for people with high blood pressure. Sorry...
Coconut crabs are the world's largest land-living arthropods. They have very strong pincers as they have the ability to crack coconuts so that they can feed on the meat (Wikipedia, 2008). Wow, its a good thing our friend warned me before hand not to touch the crabs. The first photo was taken inside a beautiful cave at Itbayat, Batanes while the second photo was taken at one Barangay in Sabtang also in Batanes. Unfortunately I wasn't able to eat one, Sorry for me "sayang"!


eunice said...

I don't think I saw any coconut crabs before, have u eaten one before? Is it meaty? How the locals cook them, steam or cook with sauce?

Anonymous said...

we boil them! yap! meaty and tasty! best part is the pincers and the body

msalviejo said...

I'm the type of person who can eat anything as long as it's edible (insects, reptiles, amphibians etc.). I would love to try this yummy lookin' arthropods! Though, this crabs, like other species of crabs, if not all, are opportunistic scavengers, which means they would consume carrion and other organic decaying matter. Phew! But I guess I don't mind. :D

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